Nothing is more powerful than a strong story to convince people. And in these times it is best to tell that story digitally.

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“End all poverty in all its forms everywhere”

At the end of the lesson, the students will be able to.
1. Understand the concept of poverty in all its forms.
2. Understand what SDG1 advocates for.
3. Analyze a chart about the numbers of people living in extreme poverty over a period of time till the Covid-19 pandemic period.
4. Analyze two digital stories based on SDG1.



I had the opportunity to work for three months as an intern at Comundos while coursing a Master of Educational Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels (VUB).

As Comundos we have been working with sustainable development goals (SDGs) for years. Short stories, made in a 4-day course on digital storytelling, gives an authentic view on what the ‘learner’ is ‘living’.  Comundos aims at helping youngsters and young adults to better develop their own identity, becoming more emancipated and growing a critical global awareness.

With the help of media literacy classes, I learnt to get information from the internet and learnt about climate change. I checked the weather forecast and I know when rain will fall.


A gift for Comundos

For years, Comundos has been assisting remote communities, schools and NGOs, throughout the world, in digital inclusion. We do this in an original way by using media literacy. We work with 'multipliers' who we teach to think critically and make relevant use of communication technology.  Could we ask you for a financial contribution so that we can continue this work of offering people, who are less fortunate, opportunities to tell their 'inspiring story'?
Thank you in advance!

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