From now on, you can take our course online.
We used to give the same course in libraries and to teachers (for example, on


How to ensure an ethical and dignified life in a mediatised society? To what extent are we able to perceive the consequences of the lack of media literacy? How can we promote peaceful coexistence and intercultural dialogues ?

In the global against fight Covid-19 information is key. Different languages from all over the world coming together to disseminate the same message.

I first encountered the organization at the 2018 UNESCO Global Media and Information Literacy Feature Conference hosted by Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas, Lithuania where I also presented a paper. 

By Jude C. Abugu

Comundos gives voice to the voiceless, lets their stories inspire others and creates a precious linkage between remote hopes and dreams. One of the links of this chain are the volunteers Comundos counts on, of which one of them is me, Leyre. As the Volunteer of the Year 2018, I would like to share my experience with Comundos during the last 12 months.