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microfoneDirector of Comundos Bart Vetsuypens is interviewed in this podcast. He explains how the non-profit got started in 2014, and talks about the work that it continues to do in the areas of media literacy and digital storytelling.

video icoonWorkshop Digital Storytelling in South Africa: During the workshop, the participants acquired skills on media literacy and brainstormed on their topics. They wrote the text and gave feedback to their peers, looked for appropriate images, music and recorded the ´voice over´. They edited their video with open source software and reflected on how they can further apply their gained skills in their organization.


Welcome to the digital age, where technology permeates our lives and cybersecurity is crucial. In this world, we store our most sensitive information online, conduct financial transactions electronically, and communicate with loved ones worldwide. However, these digital conveniences also come with evolving threats. As educators, it is our job to equip ourselves and our students with the necessary knowledge and tools to navigate the digital landscape safely and responsibly.

This is a 2hr online or presential course.

30 September 2023 – Three master's students from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) joined us as interns in May/June 2023. They did an outstanding job by delivering very good translations in Spanish, French, Dutch, and English. Additionally, they were open to interacting and working together with people from our global network. As an organization, we can say we had a very strong team that supported each other to achieve the necessary results. Being an intern at Comundos also means that we give you the chance to discover your talents. Many thanks to Mónica, Noémie, and Andru for their great support to Comundos!

Nothing is more powerful than a strong story to convince people.And in these times it is best to tell that story digitally.
Learn how to write an inspiring story. Master video production. Find out how to take good photos. Create your own 'digital story' during the course. 600 People worldwide have already attended this workshop


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donateOver the years, Comundos has helped remote communities around the world by teaching critical thinking, media literacy and the use of communication technology.
To do this effectively, we need your support for computers, translations, courses and social media management.
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