Untimely power cuts in the city of Lubumbashi

Untimely power cuts in the city of Lubumbashi
Untimely power cuts in my city are the cause of many social problems for the population, with power cuts occurring all the time.
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Friday, August 5, 2022

My name is Djossy KYABUTA, I live in the city of Lubumbashi.
Here is my story, the untimely power cuts in my city. Which is the cause of many social problems for the population, because of the power cuts that occur at all times.

Some electricians in my neighborhood, responsible for the electricity cabin of our community say that the granting of transformers is inappropriate. It is exceeding the loads in relation to the intended users.

For a transformer which has the capacity to take 100 dwelling houses per district, instead, 500 residential houses are connected to it. This problem is also caused by the fact that there is switching on or plugging in unused electrical appliances and, and also the type of bulbs that are used.
Most small and medium-sized businesses operate with  electric power. But unfortunately (!) in my city, electricity is not full-time, and does not make it easy for some jobs.


Consequences :

  • Insecurity in relation to public lighting,
  • Bad state of some basic foods for daily life etc.
  • Some small businesses ordered to close

I saw my friend being forced to become unemployed again, because he has no electricity to run his office. It is, however, the only job he created for a living.
He says: “The power cut even happens more than 10 times a day. And sometimes we are forced to use a generator and ask for the means to obtain it. I have a generator, but I'm tired of buying fuel, and the generator itself breaks down all the time".

To conclude and possible solutions:
The SNEL ( National Electricity Company) must watch not to exceed the load of the transformer, in relation to the number of users expected.

A community organization of the population is needed for the installation of solar panels. And this one, must take care of the types of bulbs to use, turn off the lighting during the day, and think about turning off or unplugging the unused appliances. SNEL must migrate to clean and renewable energy, by providing the population with solar panels.





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