Feedback from our 2023 Translation and Communication Interns (VUB)

Feedback from our 2023 Translation and Communication Interns (VUB)

30 September 2023 – Three master's students from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) joined us as interns in May/June 2023. They did an outstanding job by delivering very good translations in Spanish, French, Dutch, and English. Additionally, they were open to interacting and working together with people from our global network. As an organization, we can say we had a very strong team that supported each other to achieve the necessary results. Being an intern at Comundos also means that we give you the chance to discover your talents. Many thanks to Mónica, Noémie, and Andru for their great support to Comundos!

Mónica Alejandra Hurtado:
During my internship at Comundos, I had the extraordinary opportunity to immerse myself in a dynamic international environment and collaborate alongside individuals from diverse countries and cultures.

This experience not only broadened my horizons but also deepened my understanding of global perspectives. Engaging with various media forms such as video, audio, and podcasting, I acquired a comprehensive insight into the multifaceted world of communication.

The internship went beyond mere translation and subtitling tasks; it empowered me to craft original content and narrate compelling stories across languages. The organization's commitment to cross-cultural communication allowed me to gain profound insights into an array of cultures, fostering an appreciation for diversity. Moreover, the emphasis on teamwork in this environment enhanced my efficiency and adaptability.

This internship was more than an educational journey; it was an exploration of intercultural connections and a platform that nurtured both personal and professional growth.

Noémie Paté:
My internship at Comundos was an inspiring journey that exceeded my initial expectations. My primary role was translating and subtitling digital stories, and it gave me a deep understanding of the societal challenges in countries like Brazil, Congo, Cameroon, and Benin. The content we worked on held immense importance; it served as a powerful tool for raising awareness about critical global issues and amplifying the voices of marginalized communities.

What truly set my internship experience apart was the opportunity to expand my role beyond translation. I had the opportunity to create my own digital story and to produce a podcast, which presented me with thrilling learning opportunities that made a substantial contribution to my personal and professional development. Additionally, I highly appreciate the opportunity to express my creativity, share my opinions, utilize new tools, and enhance my language proficiency.

I strongly recommend this internship to future students, because it offers a highly valuable learning experience that not only expands your knowledge of diverse cultures, but also empowers you to shed light on their pressing issues.

Andru Shively:

My five-week internship with Comundos was a rewarding experience. I was very happy to get the chance not only to enhance my language and communication skills, but also to engage with real voices highlighting real issues from communities across the globe. At Comundos, I felt that my work had real purpose, as every translation and contribution on my part was an amplification of these voices and a facilitation of their messages.

I enjoyed working on a small, yet highly motivated and goal-driven team at a non-profit organization, where my contributions felt larger. Furthermore, the experience showed me how my language skills could be put to use in a wide variety of sectors. In carrying out translations, subtitling, editing, digital storytelling, and even podcasting, I was simultaneously learning about global sustainability and how the work of Comundos intersects with the framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and builds intercultural dialogue. Ultimately, I would like to work for an organization engaged in similar work in the future.

I carried out work translating texts and transcripts (mainly from Spanish and Portuguese into English), as well as subtitling videos, for digital stories originating from Brazil, Latin America, and Central Africa. I also created content for a digital story of my own about linguistic identity, incorporating a methodology from my own master’s thesis known as language portraits. Finally, I wrote, produced, and edited an episode of the fledgling Comundos Podcast, for which I interviewed a municipal communications employee in Western Cape, South Africa, about the 2017-2018 water crisis that affected the area and that continues to be felt.

My internship was brief yet packed with new insights, experiences, and challenges that went well beyond my initial expectations. I gained soft skills, global perspectives, and a sense of fulfillment that I had not originally expected alongside the more practical aspects of my work. Going forward, I will continue to engage with Comundos in a volunteer capacity.



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