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microfoneDirector of Comundos Bart Vetsuypens is interviewed in this podcast. He explains how the non-profit got started in 2014, and talks about the work that it continues to do in the areas of media literacy and digital storytelling.

video icoonWorkshop Digital Storytelling in South Africa: During the workshop, the participants acquired skills on media literacy and brainstormed on their topics. They wrote the text and gave feedback to their peers, looked for appropriate images, music and recorded the ´voice over´. They edited their video with open source software and reflected on how they can further apply their gained skills in their organization.


Digital storytelling as a tool for empowerment. This is the goal of the Belgian non-profit organisation Comundos. The organisation provides media literacy courses for young people worldwide. ‘By letting people from the Global South make their own story, you relinquish control.’

By Alma De Walsche

From now on, you can take our course online.
We used to give the same course in libraries and to teachers (for example, on


As  phrased  by  UNESCO,  inter-cultural dialogue encourages readiness to question well- established  value-based  certainties  by  bringing  reason,   emotion  and  creativity  into  play  in  order  to  find  new  shared understandings.


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donateOver the years, Comundos has helped remote communities around the world by teaching critical thinking, media literacy and the use of communication technology.
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