Course for ´Fake News Detectors´

Course for ´Fake News Detectors´

From now on, you can take our course online.
We used to give the same course in libraries and to teachers (for example, on


 From now on, you can take our course online.
We used to give the same course in libraries and to teachers (for example, on

What to expect:

Tips, tricks, tools and interactive work

Fake news is everywhere! For many people (not only young people), social media content is their primary news source. Clickbait seduces us to like or share things with friends, even before we've checked if it's true or if it comes from a reliable source. For example, Conspiracy theories sometimes circulate on the internet for years and through the internet, lies and propaganda can be spread easily and can be seen as ‘alternative facts’. Even elections are more and more often influenced by fake news. How can we shield ourselves and our students from it? By actively looking for fake news, you will learn to expose it more easily!

We introduce the theme with a video and a presentation in order to explore and discuss the different mechanisms. We hand out educational information which contains the most important elements. We also explain how to use interactive web applications: online news sources, tools for fact-checking news or pictures (like an online detective)…

If you’ve completed the course, you will:
- be able to recognise the elements of fake news;
- have acquired a method to work on the theme practicably (and interactively) in class;
- be able to work hands-on with interactive software (e.g. padlet) for classroom assignments;
- return home with a bag full of practical tips, tricks ánd tools that are used by youngsters;
- find inspiration in order to utilise interactive (digital) tools in class linked to the content of other courses or linked to civic education.

Reactions to the course:
Filip Bourgeois: mediacoach, teacher, and self-employed speaker:
The way they linked the goals of Comundos to fake news was very original and they were very convincing. Their way of elaborating digital storytelling and Padlet are refreshing and they set an example on how to use tools creatively to reach your goals.

Lore De Vroede, teacher:
They mixed listening and interactive handling neatly + getting information and figuring things out on your own.
I liked the fact that our group wasn’t too big. It worked well!

This is a 2-hour course.
Would you like us to give the course to your classroom, teaching staff or company? Please, let us know.

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