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Recycling and Waste Management
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They call me BIL-BIL


Nowadays educational contexts are changing, while technological solutions have caused a major revolution in the way students learn, and by extension teaching methodology is also adapting to new motivations and interests. But if teachers have not developed these skills and abilities how can they guide and accompany students in this technological-digital quest. ?

With the aim of answering the question ASONUFED in coordination with COMUNDOS,  is implementing  a methodology of digital  storytelling, where among others things; the participants develop their capacities for video and audio editing, writing,  analysing,  synthesing, and the structuring of thoughts and ideas, designed for use as a pedagogical tool inside and outside the classroom.

(original text is in spanish)

An article by Thomas More Office Management intern Tycho Torfs.

Prize D4D promotes digitisation as a lever for development. We would like to emphasize that digitisation is not considered as a goal in itself. While voting for your favourite submission, please take into account the extent to which the submission contributes specifically and directly to sustainable development.