An Untold Story about drought and ´El Niño´

An Untold Story about drought and ´El Niño´
A young Indigenous People (IP) farmer sharing her experience on the effects of the 7-month drought in Mindanao, Philippines
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J.A. Razzi
Friday, September 2, 2016

Hello! My name is Nida, 24 years old, an upland farmer from Upi Maguindanao.

Back then, dry season was still manageable because it’s not a long term. We won’t be afraid if it gets really hot because we have wells, streams and springs anyway. But this year’s season was really frightening. Drought started December 2015. Our wells and streams dried up. Springs no longer give their normal volume of water. We had a hard time finding where to get water for irrigation, household chores or for drinking. Our crops withered. We no longer have something to eat except going to the cities to buy. Part of the forest and fields burned due to extreme heat. Terrifying! Is this already what they call effects of climate change? We resort to always borrowing money because of this.

But recently, a group of concerned individuals went to our village to visit. After they conducted a training on organic corn production, we were given organic seeds and fertilizers granting that we will also apply the techniques we’ve learned from them.

At first, I was still so hesitant, but when I learned that it’s possible to make your own fertilizers, I happily agreed on following their method [organic/sustainable agriculture]. The major challenge is how this campaign will be continually promoted and practiced until chemical farming will be totally eradicated.




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