Dialla's Reality - A personal story (The right to education)

Dialla's Reality - A personal story (The right to education)
Dialla, a girl of 15 years old from Mali, is calling her cousin Hady, a 23 years old guy from Spain. Two different realities.
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Gemma, Hady, Elena L. and Paul
Friday, December 14, 2018

Dialla: (Crying and angry) Hady this is not possible! I knew this was going to happen, but not so soon!

Hady: l don’t understand, what happened?

Dialla: My parents announced my engagement yesterday and told me to quit school. I have to focus more on the work at home and the care of my siblings. I don’t understand… I already did all of those things before, but now that I’m engaged, I cannot go to school anymore?! It’s not fair!

Hady: Really? That is absolutely crazy.

Dialla: Yes, but what can I do? It’s tradition and besides, I need to listen to my parents’ decision. Hady: But isn’t it obligatory to go to school until you’re 16?

Dialla: in theory: yes, but the reality is completely different. The government doesn’t check if you go to school, especially if you’re a girl.

Hady: That’s so disgusting. this is the 21st century, everybody should be able to get an education. It shouldn’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl.

Dialla: I know, that’s what I will keep telling my family. I will keep fighting for what I want and I want to go to school! I hope to change their minds. Because even a small change could have a great impact. Hady: You’re absolutely right. You can always count on me for supporting you.

Dialla: (Someone shouts the name of Dialla, in the background) Hady, they call me. I have to go to prepare dinner. I hope to hear from you soon. Hady: Ok, we talk again soon. BEEP


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