Agroecology: Forming citizens geared to life.

Agroecology: Forming citizens geared to life.
Advances and barriers in the training of rural youth. Dom Antônio Possamai Family Farm School (DAPFAS). Forming citizens who are geared to life.
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Graciely Oliveira
Friday, April 17, 2020

My name is Graciely Oliveira and I am a monitor of the Dom Antônio Possamai Family Farm School,.

I am here to talk about the profile of agroecology and the advances of the team in the training of rural youth. What exactly is agroecology? For the team, agroecology is an innovative science geared to life. In the period from 2013 to 2015, we made some progress:

✓ We now plant without using pesticides;
✓ We use compost, bio fertilizer and mulch;
✓ We respect Mother Earth, animals and plants;
✓ We guarantee polyculture through agroforestry systems and parent vegetable gardens;
✓ We promote health because we avoid canning, hormones and principally, poison.

And we also highlight homeopathy and all natural treatments;

✓ We recycle our garbage, our waste and implement selective collection in the school;
✓ We seek above all to show the importance of family manual labour without any form of slavery.

We still need to develop natural gas, the Voisin Rational System, the reuse of water and the recovery of springs.

We overcame several barriers and problems.  The DAPFAS is the only school of its kind in Rondônia that has a technical course in agroecology. We are in the middle of dairy farming and meat production; and this creates conflicts for our students.

We find it difficult to inculcate the idea of agroecology among the families. It is difficult to convince families, neighbours and the population in general to not use pesticides.

Promote life! Contribute to a better and more supportive world. Say No to pesticides, and Yes to Agroecology.

YES, to life.. 







Translation : Michael Mc Laughlin


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