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Comundos aims to help young adults better develop their own identity, become more emancipated and grow a critical global awareness. In this way, we also want to give these people the ability to participate in an intercultural dialogue and to resonate their challenges worldwide.


1.    Inserting new technologies of communication, media literacy and transversal competences in secondary schools, in teacher training institutes social organizations. 
2.    Empowering the capacity of organizations and social movements for systematizing their experiences.
3.    Creating visibility actions to a broader network making it possible to exchange experiences between South/South/North cooperation.

What kind of education do we want to realize that simultaneously develops critical thinking, collaboration, creative development, innovation, flexibility and communication?

How can we enable efficient and effective learning within and outside the school context in this world of increasing complexity and global challenges? Comundos uses digital storytelling as a didactical tool, making use of analysis and reflection on the context and environment of young people. We give Train-The-Trainer workshops to teach young people the techniques of storytelling, as well as the technology to digitize and disseminate the stories, and to deal strategically and critically with new media carriers.

At the same time we tackle fake news through media literacy. In an investigative and participative way together with educators and young people we discover the power of storytelling. Stories give color and depth, deliver recognition and collectiveness, give meaning and offer perspective. Everyone's story contributes to the bigger picture, in which every voice matters. Through the workshop we work on themes that cover global citizenship, media literacy, inter- and intrapersonal skills.

Comundos helps young people on their way to intercultural dialogue that links different nationalities, origins, languages, ethnic groups and religions towards a global sustainable society. Comundos has been running for four years in Cameroon, Rwanda, Mozambique, Honduras, Guatemala, Brazil, Belgium and the Philippines, where common topics like climate change and rural development are often discussed. The makers of these authentic stories enter into dialogue across borders. Several stories are being picked up by media companies; and used as input for documentaries.

The board
Hans Vanderspikken
Gérard Verhelst
Vincent Melis
Bart Vetsuypens

Bart Vetsuypens - Global
Emmanuel Sengafor - Central and West-Africa. 
Ricardo Ixen - Central America
Fabiano Vidal - Bahia, Brazil
Jamel Ann Caylan - Philippines

Leyre Rebollo Blanco - Translation manager

Advisory board
Asli Telli
Jude Abugu
Eric Gijssen
Maha Bashri

Today, most countries do have access to ICT, but often lack a decent strategic and educational plan to help people benefit from these modern technologies. This means that a lot of students are still deprived of access to (objective) information. This is where Comundos steps in, making the world of ICT accessible to remote areas in the South. Through education and discussion, we aim to increase the development of personal identities, the emancipation of youth and the creation of a critical view on both the global and local situation.

We do this by letting both students and educators become acquainted with ICT and by learning them how to tell their story digitally. At the same time we stimulate online exchanges of their stories through an Internet Platform covering multiple organisations, both domestic and abroad.

A view into the workshop in South Africa:


A short intercview with Peter Yovnge, principal at the entrepreneurial school of agriculture talks about his experience of digital storytelling with his students. His school is part of the Proceffa network in Cameroon. A federation of agricultural schools that promote dual education.


"Discover how Comundos gives young people a voice. Through digital storytelling, young people and their educators do not only learn how to work with media, but also how to produce personal digital stories by themselves. This increases their media literacy skills and gives them the opportunity to show their own world, which usually remains hidden."


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