Working on sustainable Agriculture in the Far-North of Cameroon

Working on sustainable Agriculture in the Far-North of Cameroon
This story from far north Cameroon shows how rural women or local farmers are using organic fertilizer in growing crops as a way of combatting soil degradation.
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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

In the far-north east of Cameroon, the degradation and the poor quality of the soil are obstacles in agricultural development. Our crop yields were always low and we were often malnourished. Indeed, because of our weak purchasing power, we were not able to to get chemical fertilisers. A large majority of Cameroonians are still unable to master the production process of organic fertilisers.

At CFAJAM, we learn how to produce compost for fertilisation and preserving our farmlands.

Firstly, we dig pits and collect organic materials such as sorghum stems, corn, millet, manure and horse and cow dung. We have them in the pits and we water them twice a week. We then fill these pits with earth and leave them for four to six months. During this time organic matter turns into humus.
Afterwards, we spread out the compost in the plots of land which are meant for the production of vegetables.

By doing this, our crops grow well without the use of chemical fertilisers and this produces good crop yields. We are happy that we eat food that we've grown ourselves.

Going back to my family I use these same methods to restore the quality of the soil and we are able to maintain our family land.  My parents are very happy  because the crop yields we get, are very good.


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