We just arrived in time

We just arrived in time
Doña Claudia and her husband, Don Reinaldo Gonzales live in an poor neighborhood of Tegucigalpa. The twins entered the home, ´El Hogar Diamante´ very malnourished. It has been a great help for the twins, as now they live a normal development.
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Casa Hogar Diamante, José Hidalgo
Friday, July 9, 2021

The story of the children Raul Josue and Milton Joel Gonzalez Caldeiras at Hogar Diamante

´El Hogar Diamante´( Diamant Home)  is an NGO, non-profit, founded in 1965, located in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. Iits mission, the educational and social rehabilitation of children and young people in situation of Social Risk.
Honduras is a Central American country, with 9 million inhabitants, and with a poverty rate of over 70%; This causes social exclusion, violence and above all mass migration to other countries, especially to the United States.

Raúl and Milton are twin brothers who entered the Home on February 8, 2013, at the request of their mother, Doña Claudia Calderas, when the children were 7 years old.

Doña.Claudia and her husband, Don Reinaldo Gonzales, live in a marginal neighborhood in Tegucigalpa, controlled by maras and other gangs. Don Reinaldo worked as a taxi driver and had to pay the warfee or extortion taxi. Doña Claudia is dedicated to making and selling tortillas.

Four years ago Don Reinaldo had a stroke and was left with many disabilities, from then he does not walk nor speak. In January 2019, the little house where they lived burned down. Now they live in a small room that a relative lends them.

The twins entered the Home very malnourished, as can be seen in the photographs. It has been a great help for the twins as now they have their normal development.

Their studies are going very well. They are in the ninth grade and as soon as they qualify for the National Institute of Professional Training, they will enter to study a technical career.

"Comprehensive education is the path of human development ..."



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