Overcoming Poverty in Northwest Cameroon

Overcoming Poverty in Northwest Cameroon
Relevant skills training can help rural youths in Africa to escape from the vicious cycle of poverty. Emmanuel told the story of Richard, his involvement in polygamy, his family and on how he tackled poverty and unemployment. Drawing on the skills he benefitted from the family farm school training in his village.
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Emmanuel Sengafor
Monday, October 30, 2017

In Misaje Subdivision (Donga-Mantung) of the Northwest region of Cameroon, there are no businesses and services to employ the rural youths. It’s nearly impossible to find salaried work.

We till the earth to produce food in subsistent small farms.

Affording the basic needs of life such as shelter, balanced diet, education and health has been difficult. So, the village of Nkanchi decided in 2008 to start a family farm school to improve our farming and livestock production techniques.

I, Chela Richard, am 34-years-old. I have two wives, and am the father of twelve children. I decided to enroll in the Family Farm School of Nkanchi to improve my production techniques. While in the family farm school, I started rearing pigs in addition to the production of food crops. After graduating three years ago, I have expanded my activities. With profits from my pig sales, I have been able to change the roof of my family house from grass to metal. I have been able to pay the school fees of my children in time and their academic performances are improving. I also noticed that we like to eat rice in Nkanchi during feasts. But all the rice is bought from far places. So, I decided to do some trials of upland rice with the help of a promoting organization.

If this works well, it will make the supply of rice easier for my village while making additional income for myself. The training we received in the Family Farm School is solving my problem of unemployment and poverty. I am on the right track out of poverty. Story by Sengafor Emmanuel


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