Persistent hope of a self made Agri-Veterinarian

Persistent hope of a self made Agri-Veterinarian
Success Story of Pecer R. Anduyan married to Luisa. By learning basic veterinarian techniques he became useful to his community. His services as a Community Agri – Vet Entrepreneur are now very much in demand in the immediate neighbouring area.
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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Pecer Anduyan is married to Luisa. They live at Barrio Kagingkingan, Anahawan, Southern Leyte.
When they returned from Manila where they started their family, they had practically nothing. Armed with the skill of driving a motorcycle, he supported his family by ferrying passengers from mountain villages. That’s the way he made a living for his family for years.
He joined a group of residents in their area that organized themselves with NGO’s support. They participated in a project aimed to augmenting their livelihood through sustainable livestock raising.
He underwent a series of training in animal health care and learned about techniques in pig raising, including identifying diseases through symptoms and the corresponding medication and cure.
In 2016, some neighbours were looking for him. A pig-raiser in the next village was asking him to solve a problem with the sow that was giving birth. The sow had difficulty in giving birth to some remaining piglets.
With the prognosis of impending loss of blood and ultimately loss of life, he decided to do a “caesarean section” operation on the sow. He mustered all his courage to save the sow. The owner understood that the sow stood a “fifty-fifty” chance.
The operation turned out to be a success. His services as a Community Agri – Vet Entrepreneur are now very much in demand in the immediate neighbouring area.
At present, even there is no convincing evidence that Pecer and Luisa is economically much better than before. But he has just begun. He has a sow delivering four piglets.
With calculation of the cash that will come with the success of his pig-raising endeavor, Pecer’s and Luisa’s life will probably change for the better. He is starting to enjoy the benefits in life. He is starting to reap the returns of a persistent hope.


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