Passing The Gift of Knowledge

Passing The Gift of Knowledge
A look into the benefits of a facilitating course. "A true educator acts as a facilitator of learning".
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Saturday, August 13, 2016

This is the story about a changed woman named Marites Curato, 54 years old, married, has one child and is a rice farmer in the community (Brg) of Los Angeles.
She joined the project and attended the pre membership workshop in September 16, 2014. Marites was a silent and shy type as a member. She typically attended all the trainings, workshops and meetings but never participated in any discussion nor shared her idea to others.
Recently, she joined a mentoring team organized to facilitate the pre-membership workshop. It is a values-based workshop that emphasized the importance of passing the gifts received from the project. Both the tangible and intangible gifts like pigs, farm tools and the knowledge from the trainings.
At first, she felt happy, flattered, and challenged because it seemed like she was been promoted from merely a member-participant to member – facilitator that would go to other places. However, she also felt afraid because she was going to facilitate a workshop, stand and talk in front of people.
But with her eagerness and determination to learn, through her co members’ help, she continued coaching and exposing herself into series of workshops and she was able to make it.
She is now a different person. From being a passive member of the project to a versatile individual geared with confidence, improved skills and knowledge in facilitating, controlled and managed emotions such as shyness and nervousness and able to make many friends. A woman passes the Gift of Knowledge.





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