My lockdown during the health crisis

My lockdown during the health crisis
This is the story of Viviane, a young Cameroonian student who tells her life-story against anti-Covid19 measures in rural areas to fight the pandemic.
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MPONGO Viviane
Wednesday, May 27, 2020

My name is MPONGO Viviane and I am a trainee at the professional training centre for young people in Baré in the 3rd year of sewing.

During this health crisis, many people are confined at home to avoid being infected.

So, I'm telling you how I am living my lockdown. During this period, I take the opportunity to help parents in the field and with housework. My classmates and I were called to the center to help trainers to make face masks of different shapes.

We make nearly 200 masks a day and in two days we manage to make nearly 500 masks with a team of eight learners composed of 2 learners in 1st year, 1 learner in 2nd year and 5 in 3rd year to ensure the production based on their availability. Until now, we continue to make masks and deliver orders. These masks are worn to prevent the spread of this disease called CORONAVIRUS or COVID 19 for short, and at the same time to respect the rules of hygiene with safety measures that have been given by the government.

In our training center, safety measures have been implemented. In the meantime, our supervisors show us how to mount a dashboard. This allowed us to master statistics, to calculate entries and exits, the profit made on a tailor-made outfit. And we also learned how to keep logs.

That's kind of how I spent my lockdown.




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