Looking for alternatives in agriculture

Looking for alternatives in agriculture
Many families ask their children to work in the fields, which causes a lot of illiteracy. Thanks to the help of the equipment, fewer children stay away from school
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Jhovany Tinoco
Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Dear friends I am Jhovany Tinoco born in the department of Yoro, a picturesque town where "fish falls from the sky in the form of rain". It is located in the north central region of the Republic of Honduras in Central America.

I want to share with you my experience. Throughout the years I have realized that women were in charge of agricultural practices. Later on, men became involved as responsible for the family's support. 

This has been a very sacrificial and inhumane activity, typical of peasant families dedicated exclusively to the cultivation of products for family consumption. As there was no economic remuneration, it has caused and continues to cause poverty.

This has led families to seek new ways of life for survival such as illicit association, delinquency, and migration from the countryside to the city, also causing a high rate of illiteracy. As children are used for forced labor, it has caused school absenteeism as well as school desertion

On the other hand, the high rate of malnutrition in these families was remarkable. This motivated me in the 80's to decide to take a career aimed at supporting small producers, designing, and manufacturing equipment for animal traction that could facilitate the agricultural work and the improvement of their roads for the transport of their crops. Offering this to the small farming families a more humanized work and with better yields in terms of production and productivity of their food.

It guarantees food security, not only for family consumption but also for the local market, improving the economy in their homes. Plus, with an ecological component, this equipment does not allow deforestation, soil erosion or pollution of the environment by the emission of gases, since you can use it with your mules, donkeys, horses and oxen as draft animals.

Translation by: Sheila Gálvez


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