Living with the trees

Living with the trees
From Honduras we wish you to break the indifference and to care for your environment. Let´s start already by acting from our family or school.
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Iris Azucena Guevara
Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Vida en Los Arboles

At the age of 16, I left the Congolon mountain in Lempira, Honduras. I did this in order to go and study in the western region of Honduras. Where I grew up, I used to live in the open. I really enjoyed the climate as well as the fresh air, the abundant crystal clear waters, the green mountains and all the wonders and blessings from God.

After 30 years, only memories remain. The natural environment we used to enjoy so much does not exist anymore. It is very warm, the rivers ran dry and there is not enough water left. It is a view with a lot of drought and a lack of oxygen. There isn’t a beautiful green scenery anymore. The heat, the drought, it is awful. I think about the future of the new generations, because there are no more trees left to live from.

My country has laws and projects for the environment, but there is no room for reconstructing neighbourhoods. There are no trees, there is drought, we are their consumers and not vice versa. It is not that we do not want or are unable to reconstruct the neigbourghoods, we are simply too indifferent to change important and visible things in our way of life.

Most initiatives to take care of the trees were not very successful. We must strictly rebuild what is lost. So far, we have not yet found a balance between man and his environment because we were unaware, demanding and immature.

Do you dare to think that it is possible?


These days we wrote a plan that we are executing. Young students, family and colleagues all work together to show everyone that we can do it! 





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