Life is unique, enjoy it

Life is unique, enjoy it
Entrepreneur Williams Montecinos Cruz, 16, tells us how his academic training has allowed him to contribute in a very valuable way to the development of his family and community, leaving us a message full of encouragement to accept life and face the future.
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Williams Montecinos Cruz
Saturday, May 13, 2017

Good morning to all of you. Williams Montecinos Cruz greets you.

I am 16 years old, originally from Chanrrayo Village, Municipality of San Agustín Acasaguastlán, Department of El Progreso. I am an entrepreneur, with many values. I began my primary school studies at the age of 8, in the Official Rural Mixed School Chanrrayo. Currently, I study in the center Núcleo Familiar Educativo para El Desarrollo NUFED No. 14 in the Puerta de Golpe Village, of the same Municipality, where I started first grade.

I made the decision to study at NUFED No. 14 knowing that in my community there is an INEB Telesecundaria. Thus my family and friends told me that the teaching was different, since they work with the methodology of alternation, where academic study is alternated according to the National Base Curriculum, with the work of productive projects that are carried out both in the school and in our communities in order to learn a job that will help me to contribute income to my family.

Currently I have a family garden, which I started with an acre of land, I mixed the compost, fertilized it and then planted: Cilantro, yerba buena, radish, cucumber, chard, cabbage, mora plant, chipilin, onion, tomato, celery, carrot, loroco, sweet and spicy chili; obtaining a good harvest that serves us for daily sustenance and benefit for my community.

Preparing myself academically and learning to work on each of the projects that NUFED carries out helps me to know what I want in life, to reach my goals, achieve my dreams and contribute to the development of my family and my community. I am very happy to have one of the productive projects, whose activity motivates me to keep going. In addition, I work in the Christian Ministry as a Delegate of the Word of God, teaching children and people the love we should have for each other and especially the love and fear of God.

I thank our creator, my parents, and my teachers for supporting me at all times and for sharing with me their wise teachings. I bid you farewell by saying: Let's love life and prepare for the future. Never give up!


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