Let us take care of our grandmothers!

Let us take care of our grandmothers!
What will become of us if we do not help or take care of our grandmothers? Knowing that without them, there will be no transmission of the cultural values of our family and community.
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Rogério Mário Manuel Armando
Monday, March 7, 2022

Speech by Deputy Jovial Setina Marengue: "Pain and disunity in families in the province of Inhambane, my electoral constituency. We have been following information about serious violations of the rights of elderly women. As an example, in the District of Funhalouro, Rosalina Niquissi Mazive, 79, was murdered by her nephew accusing her of sorcery. In the District of Zavala, Cacilda Américo Chimiane, a 60-year-old widow, escaped death from her brother-in-law, accusing her of witchcraft.”

What will become of us if we do not help or take care of our grandmothers? Knowing that without them, there will be no transmission of the cultural values of our families and community

 This is a very sad case within our community, which is associated with poverty, lack of education and misinformation. The story of the elderly Fatima Foliche moved me. She was excluded from family life after having lost her husband in the war.

For the family, she was of no use because, due to her age, she could not even get a husband making her unproductive. She lived in precarious conditions, where she cut firewood, drew water, as well as produced things on her own and was becoming a recluse. In 2020, she was admitted to the nursing home Homoíne Mission of the São João de Deus(MSJDH) in the province of Inhambane, which is located in the south of Mozambique.

According to her, there are other with similar stories in the nursing home, i.e. their families do not provide them with proper attention and care. It has been many years since she has seen any of her relatives, and she misses them a lot. She would love to sit around a campfire telling the history of their ancestors, recounting anecdotes, riddles and sharing life experiences with their grandchilderen and nephews. 

Let us change our way of thinking, and help our grandmothers draw water, cut firewood, cook and cultivate their vegetable gardens! Let us give an example equal to the MSJDH, where they are welcomed, given freedom and autonomy.

They have the right not to suffer discrimination of any kind. They should participate in the community, defending their dignity and well-being.

Contact of the author: Xipoco Man Armando ( facebook)

Translation: Thanks to Michael Mc Laughlin


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