Lack of Electricity in my community.

Lack of Electricity in my community.
Ana explains us how it is to live and work without electricity in a rural community of Mozambique.
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Friday, July 15, 2016

Hi there, my name is Ana. I am a teacher in an Agricultural Family School ( EFR) and live in a small community in the north of Mozambique.

Among the principal problems is the lack of electricity. I have faced various challenges in conserving foodstuffs of primary necessity. Which has not been very efficacious. Because I am obliged to conserve meat or fresh fish, by drying and salting. We cook some vegetables, but even so they do not last for long.

In my activities as a teacher I have been limited, because at night the darkness is notable. Except in some places where it is possible to exercise with the light of nature, candles, candelabras, lanterns or bonfires. A time for telling stories, creating songs and playing local traditional games.

Development in this region is not notable and the cost of living becomes very high.  For we are obliged to buy candles, panels, generators, batteries, fuel to maintain light, paying for computers and cellphones to load. Even for the conservation of some electric-domestic appliances you need it. The lack of technology has affected the students, community leaders. For they do not have access to digital libraries.  Nor are we able to travel outside the country or get little news from within the country.  and some of them depend on electricity. There is a lack of commitment.

There are hopes of having electricity, but the difficulties of geographical localities and the lack of commitment on the part of the government of the region with its non-fulfilment of its promises. As well as a budget estimated too high to be effective, does not encourage us to believe that the dream will become a reality. But even so, we are hoping that at some time we will see the light. Thank you.


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