Increase production on small farms

Increase production on small farms
With this video, I will show you how I improved my small piece of land using the methods learned through APROJUMAP.
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Eugène Niyigena
Monday, March 19, 2018

Everyone is aware that there is insufficient land and livestock in several rural households in Huye.

As a result, poverty is worsened by food shortages. Thanks to the project, I was able to develop my small plot by installing woodland shrubs such as Calliandra and Sesbania on the slopes of the anti-erosion ditches. I also use forage shrubs such as Pennisetum and Setaria.

These shrubs help fix atmospheric nitrogen and stabilize the slopes. They also serve as a balanced feed for my livestock by using 2/3 grasses to 1/3 legumes.

My cattle are therefore healthy and produce enough organic manure to fertilize the field. The livestock reproduce well and partly because of this, my family's conditions have improved.

Culturally, Rwandan farmers did not know how important it is to eat fruit. Also, most families lack agricultural land and fruits are often inaccessible because of the high cost involved.

APROJUMAP taught me the importance of eating fruits to improve our diet with vitamin intake.

I followed the advice of technicians during 2 years.

" I regularly pick different fruits in my garden: avocados, oranges, plums, papayas and maracuja. " 

I regularly pick different fruits in my garden: avocados, oranges, plums, papayas and maracuja. We eat this fruit at home and we sell what remains at the market. This has improved our economic life.

If all Rwandans could follow this example, Rwanda would become a paradise!


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