The first Wayuu class in La Guajira, Colombia.

The first Wayuu class in La Guajira, Colombia.
Having a classroom for teaching the mother tongue is the dream of every indigenous language teacher in the world.
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Thursday, December 29, 2022

Having a classroom for teaching a mother tongue is the dream of every teacher of an indigenous language in the world, with an adequate and equipped space for this purpose, students would feel comfortable and motivated to learn.
With this dream in mind, we started the construction of the first bilingual classroom for teaching the Wayuu language in the Colombian region of Guajira. But as the resources for this kind of initiative are limited, we held charity raffles, asking for donations, and looking for good hearts to support us in this cause. 

The task was not easy, but we succeeded, with the unconditional support of the children of the school, carrying water, carrying mud and cleaning weeds, they watched with enthusiasm the construction of their new classroom.
With their own eyes and with the effort of their hands they helped to build a place to learn more of their mother tongue, the language of their ancestors that has identified them in time.

Their tireless hands, boundless energy, and great enthusiasm every time they had to bring wood, water, or other things for their second home was the driving force behind this dream.

The millions of smiles emitted by the children encouraged us to continue and drove the engine of this project. Today we have a classroom where a new history of the greatest indigenous language of Colombia is written in gold letters, and as the author says, this was made for the language that occupies the brightness of the Guajiro dawn since the creation crossing that infinite blue to eternity.



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