An entrepreneur in Agro-processing. EFR- Mozambique

An entrepreneur in Agro-processing. EFR- Mozambique
A former graduate of the Family Farm school ( FFS), tells his story, about students creating their own employment.
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Gil Alfeu CGauque
Friday, July 15, 2016

Entrepreneur in Agro-processing

My name is Xavier and I am 25 years of age. I live in the village of Magude, in the Maputo Province. I am an alumnus of the EFR-Magude. I wish to testify that the follow-up on the part of the school regarding its post-graduate students helps them in creating self-employment.

According to data gathered in 2010 on the situation of the post-graduate students in EFR, around 53% of them continue their studies, 32% seek work to sustain themselves and 15% have a sedentary lifestyle due to the lack of conditions. And quite a few of those who drew up the projects were not sponsored because of suspicion, age or lack of guarantee in the process of paying back the loan.

Coupled with the lack of opportunities for financing of the projects, many ended up submitting themselves to consuming drugs and alcohol, as well as robbery. In the face of these problems, the school set up a Project Financing Department; with help from the local micro-credit banks, the FDD Fund and District economic agents.

Thus it was, that in 2013, twelve youth organised in groups, drew up projects on agriculture, livestock rearing and agro-processing; and they were financed. For this initiative, I chose a project in the line of the agro-processing of jamus, juices and tomato paste for commercialisation.

After two years of arduous work, we succeeded in paying back the money loan that then benefitted other young people. At the moment, all the members of my group already have their own processing plant; and I have four functionaries that help in production and commercialisation. My most esteemed clients are local restaurants, wholesale dealers, schools, hospitals and all the residents in my community. It is in this atmosphere that next month we are promoting an agricultural fair of school entrepreneurs. We are expecting all the partners and all those interested tobe there.

With my story, I hope to encourage all the young people, both the recent graduates, and those without any activity, to think about setting up their own business, so as not to depend on the government.




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