Donations to Comundos

Donations to Comundos

Media Literacy as a tool to fight poverty.

Digital inclusion is today an essential tool in the fight against poverty and for the socio-professional integration of rural youth. Digital inclusion does not only mean having access to the web but knowing how to use it constructively and critically.

Comundos supports schools and social organizations in Africa, Asia and Latin America in setting up training in digital inclusion.

It does so in an original way by stimulating young people to produce "digital stories" where they share their experiences, their challenges but also their aspirations. In that way Comundos gives "a voice to young people from the South". This confirms and stimulates them in their commitments.

These stories allow us to have another look at young people from the South and their power to "change the world". Follow the short films produced by the young people on our website.

Comundos receives many requests for support from organizations in the South, but we can not answer them without your support.

A donation page "friends of Comundos" was created under the patronage of the King Baudouin Foundation.

We're counting on your support.

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A fund ´friends of Comundos´ was created, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation.
Donations from € 40 per year made to the Foundation benefit from a tax reduction of 60 % of the amount actually paid in 2020 (Article 145/33 CIR).

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A gift for Comundos

For years, Comundos has been assisting remote communities, schools and NGOs, throughout the world, in digital inclusion. We do this in an original way by using media literacy. We work with 'multipliers' who we teach to think critically and make relevant use of communication technology.  Could we ask you for a financial contribution so that we can continue this work of offering people, who are less fortunate, opportunities to tell their 'inspiring story'?
Thanking you in advance!

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You will be transferred to the 'Friends of Comundos' Fund managed by the King Baudouin Foundation.