Beyond corn and beans.

Beyond corn and beans.
Have a look into the ancestral methodologies of agriculture in Guatemala. There are many experiences of struggle and resistance that prevail among the indigenous communities of Guatemala.
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Herbert Caal
Saturday, July 18, 2015

I am from Guatemala, a very rich country considered for the origin for many species; like corn, bean and cocoa among others.
I´m proud to belong to the Mayan Q´eqchi´ tribe, one of several located at the north of Guatemala.

Heirs of ancient knowledge of the Mayan elders. who lived with an exuberant nature, imitating it in their agriculture, interpreting the moon as rain forecast and planning the time to sow.
For example, my grandfather taught me to sow corn on full moon to avoid it getting spoiled, less quickly. 
Currently we are facing a latent threat which is to lose the biodiversity that we still have.

The government politics intend to loot the biological wealth and privatize life and thus become more dependent on transnational corporations, causing a rural exodus to urban areas.

The ´cornfield system´; with a mix of corn, beans, herbs, mushrooms and peppers together, is one of many ancient practices which we promote and work with.
Men and women participate in a cycle of natural production where corn coexists with many species which are used as they grow. We use the different cycles of harvest of the different crops. 

This system is a tradition that comes from human coexistence and for me that is priceless.
It is also a way to resist the ravages of global poverty that has been generated in indigenous areas.

And to you? Do you want to be part of this challenge?
Translation: Claudia Guerrera


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