Austrian immigrants in Brazil

Austrian immigrants in Brazil
Brief history of a community with Austrian Immigrants that came to Brazil, where traditions continue today being performed. Also a short view on the reality of tobacco culture in the community and principles of diversification.
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Bruna Richter
Sunday, May 24, 2015

Hi, I am an AFSSC student in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. I live in a community mainly characterized by German and Italian immigration.

My great-grandparents tell us that around 1870, many crises were taking place in the states of Bohemia-Austria such as the lack of jobs as machines began to gain importance, and numerous wars arose, and for this reason, immigrants came here. Once they were here, they also faced difficulties with the Indians, which should not be forgotten. To remember our origins, German culture is very strong in my community, with its dances and songs.

Although this culture is still very strong, it doesn’t realize that it repeatedly excludes other cultures and ethnicities. I think this is wrong, as we should be open to new realities. Another very serious problem in the community is tobacco production for the manufacture of cigarettes.

Once one enters into the tobacco production chain, it is very difficult to get out of it. Farmers are thus engaged in monoculture, enter a farming methodology that only seeks production/ And many forget to produce their own food products.

Through emerging opportunities such as education linked to our reality, and community based actions, we can see changes happening. Such as rural women's meetings, farmers starting the organic production system, and young people wanting to stay in the countryside to produce food, which is my case.

We see that farmers recognize the importance of producing their own food products, and this is already a key step towards the changes we want for the world.


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