Against bullying in Guatemala

Against bullying in Guatemala
As this problem continues to spread more and more in our GUATEMALA and in other countries, we nowadays see how aggression, violence and even suicide are handled. That is why the adolescent shows signs of being afraid to go to school, even in different places. That is why I invite all people, parents, and students to collaborate and help eradicate this problem.
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Yeymi Yuleydi López 
Saturday, February 20, 2016

Hello, greetings from Yeymi Yuleydy Lopez to you.

I am 16 years old, and in the third grade at the NUFED EDUCATIONAL CENTER No.427 Caserío las Pozas Sayaxché Peten.

I want to share something with you about bullying, a phenomenon that we see today in the classroom which has become one of the main worries that parents have about their children because it can indicate that they (the children) are suffering from school harassment.

Bullying is more than just making the other person uncomfortable. It is about people who continually seek to harm those they consider weaker than themselves. As we can see, bullying, aggression, violence, and manipulation each have consequences and can lead to severe emotional disorders, such as depression, anxiety and in extreme cases suicide.

No one should be treated badly as some students may become timid due to this type of bullying. This occurs because they are seen as unequal in many ways, or because they do not have the necessary social skills; but being different is no reason to be mistreated.

This kind of negative thinking in young people allows them to bully their peers at school or in different educational settings.

Nowadays, teenagers are afraid of going to school and therefore always make excuses for missing classes and as a result, there is a change in their school performance. The foundation to maintaining harmony and love or the foundation to learn to be happy is to ideally cultivate a good relationship with others, respect for oneself and those around us. That is why in the classroom we should not mistreat our family, friend, or other classmates.

If we hurt them, we are causing bullying and harassment. It is better to help and support them in whatever they need.

Finally, I would like you not to point fingers at others and no one will point fingers at you,

advise others and you will be advised,
love others and you will be loved,
do not mistreat others  and you will not be mistreated,
do not mock others and you will not be mocked,
respect yourself and others and you will be respected;
So that you and I can have a GUATEMALA without mistreatment and inequality

Knowing that in this world, we are all equal in rights and obligations.

AUTHOR: Yeymi Yuleydi López



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