Acceptable Buffoonery

Acceptable Buffoonery
This Digital History was written by Ana Maria de Paula Pereira, a student living in Ji-Paraná-RO, Brazil. Through poetry, she tells us about her experience as a volunteer in the clown troupe "Sorria" that brings joy to hospitalized children.
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Ana Maria de Paula Pereira, Gabriela, Fabiana França
Tuesday, November 30, 2021

When a child I would watch Patati Patatá
Movies with clowns in them moved me
I thought it incredible how something ridiculous could brighten a place.
The work of the Doctors of Joy moved me.

 I got to know an amazing troupe
And right away I tried to fit in
As a specialist in transmitting joy
That's what they began calling me.

I always hid myself from fear of the limelight
It was in the Troupe Sorria that I found my purpose
And so, I became Pimentinha the clown.

Knock!, knock!, knock! Guess who it is.
With just the tip of the nose appearing
Their hair was already standing on end.

Where suffering ruled
In came the Troupe and expelled it
Laughter was heard
While the drip was still being applied.

I remember well the little girl Maria
Who would always put out her tongue to me.
We didn’t just make her happy, 
We made her family happy as well.

There was baby Christopher
Who understood almost nothing
But his parents laughed so much
That they became children again for a day.

I remember Room 13 where no one could enter.
One day without explanation this number appeared on our schedule.
Quebradinha and Pimentinha were given the mission
The experience was incredible, Quebradinha is also my brother.

In that room was Ruan
With cerebral palsy
His body was paralysed
But his eyes smiled

His heartbeat accelerated
We called the doctor
Who told us not to worry
The boy was happy. It was his way of expressing it.

On the next visit
I got the news
That Ruan would never come back
That visit of ours was a farewell
Ruan was shining up in Heaven

I learned a lesson
And I speak from the heart
Ruan taught me
That living is only worthwhile when we have something to offer

His smile was a trophy
That i will always remember.
Before he died
I made him happy !

I can summarise here.
I am ridiculous, yes,
Pimentinha the clown,
Specialist in happiness.
I can make you smile!!!!


Translation: Thanks to Michael Mc Laughlin



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