What is the cost of my addiction ?

What is the cost of my addiction ?
"I like to express myself through fashion, buying something as cheap as possible and that I can change every day, every week." Listen to the story of this young lady, who described herself as a shopaholic.The lowest price has a high cost, somewhere else. A digital story made collectively by some students.
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Nhi, Derek, Jülide, Justine
Thursday, November 22, 2018

Every day millions of people like me go shopping to buy new clothes and leave the stores with happy faces.
By the way, I’m Justine 23 years old, a shopaholic. I love to express myself through fashion, buying something as cheap as possible, so I can change it every day, every week.
For example, H&M or Primark are where I frequently visit.

A month ago, the hashtag #Imadeyourclothes keep popping up on my feed so I clicked to see what was behind.
Hundreds of workers together joint the movement to send us a message. They believe to change the way we consume and produce to upgrade their lives and our planet.
The majority of them live in poverty; unable to afford life’s basic necessities, above that they are exploited; verbally and physically abused, working in unsafe and dirty conditions, with very little pay.
Also, the textile industry is one of the most pollutant industries of the world. Besides, 20 percent of all fresh water, 5 percent of all landfill pollution are made by textile waste and dyeing.
These high costs on human and global lives, make us realize the true cost.

We need to wake up and break our addiction; Buy less and love the clothes we already have.
It is not possible for us to know if human rights are respected and that environmental practices are sound without concern of where our products come from. So, it starts with you!
Ask yourself: “Who made my clothes?”



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