This trip allowed us to open our eyes

This trip allowed us to open our eyes
When we left for Rwanda, we thought we were bringing something to the inhabitants but we were surprised. It was the Rwandans who brought us a lot! This trip allowed us to "open our eyes".
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Maxime et Alice
Monday, July 23, 2018

We went to Rwanda during “Carnaval”.  We were 16 Collège Saint-Quintin students. Three teachers and two chaperones accompanied us on the trip.

Leaving for Rwanda, we thought about bringing something for the inhabitats but we were surprised. It was the Rwandans who gave us so much! The trip allowed us to “open our eyes”.

Thanks to numerous people, encounters and discoveries, we become aware of quite a few things. This trip helped push some to go out and meet others.  It also helped some of us to be less self-centred and less focused on personal problems. We are more interested in being united and putting others first.

Others got to know themselves better. They realized that they could communicate with people who didn’t speak French and found themselves opening up to people who steered us to new thinking.

The Rwandans inspired and impressed us. They welcomed us spontaneously and invited us to partake in activities. One day we had just finished visiting a museum on Rwanda when a wedding ceremony was about to start in the garden. A man came towards us and invited us to join the group. All of us attended the ceremony and the server who had invited us to join in never stopped serving us and asking us what we would like next.

Before leaving for Rwanda, we had expectations regarding the trip, but the Rwandans did more than satisfy our expectations; they surpassed them. Angélique confided in us that the trip had made her even more proud to be Rwandan!







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