They call me BIL-BIL

They call me BIL-BIL
A story about the millet beer, better known as the "bil-bil" from Cameroon
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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

My name is the millet beer better known as the "bil-bil". Before, I gathered the population around a happy or sad event. Drinking in community had a meaning of sharing

Today, I continue to gather people, not only during special occasions but also my consumption has become daily. The place that brings together the population named "THE MARKET" develops every day. My demand is increasing, the rate of my preparation increases and the use of millet to prepare me must also increase.

Sociologists claim that alcoholism is killing the population; the economists say that the increase in my consumption gives revenues to the women who prepare me but at the same time they question the appropriate financial management by the fathers of families who "steal" the millet from the granary to go and sell it and m ' buy; the NGOs complain that because of the use of millet to prepare me, families suffer from starvation and malnutrition.

The mentality of the population, my good taste, the uncultured land and climate change contribute to my high consumption. The millet harvested will not be able to suffer for the whole year. Less rain also means more free time for peasants who will have a long period of time doing nothing in the village.

The elites of the village could seek to develop recreational activities so that the population uses their free time to share between the market and fun activities like songs and dances who’s MAFA are strong. The people will have to use the CEC (Savings and Credit Club) to save them money in safety, to set up projects and to be financed.






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