Technological Balance As a Tool for Global Infectious Virus Control

Technological Balance As a Tool for Global Infectious Virus Control
Did you know billions of viruses exist globally, outnumbering our own cells? Yet, not all regions have equal access to virus detection technology. Join me in advocating for equal access to diagnostics worldwide. Let's prepare and harmonize tech for a world without panic for a virus outbreak!
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Chofong Gilbert
Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Technological balance as a tool for efficient global virus control.

We are all susceptible and vulnerable to virus infections. Plants, animals including insects, birds, microbes including fungi, bacteria and nematodes are not an exemption. Do you know that at least three billion virus particles exist globally at any given time in marine and freshwater habitats and in gastrointestinal tracts? These virus particles exceed the number of cells by ten- to a hundredfold. 

Viruses are best described as hackers of the host cell’s physiological mechanism. One virus strain can exist in different variants across different regions. This is shaped by their high rate of mutation, human activities, and environmental conditions. Globalization through trading activities across nations promotes virus propagation.

Diagnostics are the starting point of developing virus-controlled strategies. However, there is a huge gap in diagnostic techniques between the Global South and the Global North. In other words, it’s a matter of hours for the Institut Pasteur to detect and report a virus infection from a sample originating from a local village in Germany as compared to Cameroon where it will take much longer.

Serological, microscopic, and molecular techniques are common approaches used for virus diagnostics, which are well-established in the developed world. In my opinion, the same level of technical know-how in all regions across the globe will help to achieve better management of emerging viruses. It will also help to prevent pandemics in an innovative, efficient, and resilient manner. 

“Harmonize tech - for a world without panic for virus outbreak”


Edited by: Micaela Baltussen



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