Tackling poverty

Tackling poverty
When I walk in Brussels, I often see poverty. But there is also a lot of poverty that you don't see. It is time to find good solutions.
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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

I was lucky to be able to study and not have had financial problems. That's why I find it hard to see other people in poverty.

When I walk in Brussels, I often see poverty. I see people in poverty at stations, at red lights and in the main streets in Brussels. But there is also a lot of poverty that you don't see.

Life is getting more expensive and many cannot afford to pay their costs. Those who can afford to pay their rent often have problems like damp walls or cannot afford the heating.

There is also a lack of social housing. Many Brussels residents do not easily find a job. Especially when they haven't finished their studies yet. They then find themselves in the streets where they have to live on a replacement income.

There are of course exceptions. Some depend on alcohol or drugs. There are fewer opportunities for those with mental or physical disabilities.

In order not to fall into poverty, it is good to surround yourself with people who always want to move forward in life. People need help getting rid of their addictions. They need a more structured life to get a job. We should also educate people who have experienced bad luck, so that they can take control of their lives.


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