Studying in South Korea

Studying in South Korea
Join Leila on her journey in Seoul, South Korea, where she explores the vibrant streets, embraces new cultures, and learns the importance of appreciating diversity and freedom amidst academic pressures.
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Leila El Battioui Mikal
Monday, April 29, 2024

Hi, my name is Leila and I had the chance to study in South Korea. Arriving in Seoul, South Korea, was a super exciting and fun time. Full of new experiences and learning about different cultures. The busy streets, lively markets, and old temples showed me what the city was like. The city has a lot of old customs but also feels very modern. 

As I walk through the streets filled with unfamiliar things, people, and noises, I am always amazed by how kind and welcoming the Korean people are. I study at a local university as part of my exchange program. A place where I can make friends with students who want to share their culture with me. But it is not always easy to share whatever they want. A lot of students live under the pressure of their parents. One of them is getting good grades. This is very important for them. Teachers may face abuse by parents when the grades of their children are not high. 

But even then, I can only think of the good things. With hardworking classmates around me, I get better grades than ever before. But even though I want good grades, I also enjoy simple things, like walking by the sea or hiking in the mountains.

These quiet moments in the busy city of Seoul remind me to enjoy the small happy things in life. Sometimes, I would think quietly about how different Seoul is from my home in Belgium.
As my time in Seoul is ending, I feel very thankful for the chance to learn about another culture and see new things. Even though I am excited to go back to Belgium, a part of me will always remember Seoul. A city that shows me how beautiful diversity is. It also shows me why we should appreciate our freedoms. Such as living a life without having the unnecessary pressure.


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