Stop Sexual Harassment. The Story of Lirandzo.

Stop Sexual Harassment. The Story of Lirandzo.
Sexual harassment is a problem in a lot of Mozambican schools.
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Monday, April 10, 2017

Stop Sexual Harassment. The Story of Lirandzo.

Lirandzo, 16 years old, lived in Chamankulo, with her parents, who were very strict, and had less communication with her. Lirandzo spent most of the time reading novels, alone at home. Because she was very beautiful she received many compliments, but she didn't know how to deal with it due to shyness.

Like many girls, she did not have access to information about laws that could protect her from sexual abuse and harassment at school. Lirandzo's teacher at school, did not respect the girls, and was always making advances to them, especially to Lirandzo who did not understand the situation. The insistence of teacher James with Lirandza became more and more serious until he ended up abusing her. Lirandzo felt lost and didn't feel comfortable to count on the support of her parents.

Lirandzo was becoming more and more alone and the feeling of disgust for what happened to her was growing, along with the pain and fear that the same could happen to other girls her age. One night Lirandzo wrote the following letter: "when you silence the voices, you protect the aggressor, stop the harassment" and committed suicide.


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