Spontaneous testimonies about the workshop ´digital storytelling´

Spontaneous testimonies about the workshop ´digital storytelling´

Some spontaneous testimonies of participants of the workshop.

The ´digital storytelling course´ promoted by Disop Brasil and Comundos was a course that involved theory and practice allowing us to expand our knowledge about the importance of media education in the process of teaching and learning in an entertaining and inclusive way.

It is very sad to see so many computer labs in schools not being used; to see our students lined up without any stimuli, just opening their books and doing tasks, which our illustrious professor Paulo Freire referred to as “deposit education”.

The course contributed a lot to my learning geared to media education, and to my being able to insert it into the various disciplines of the basic education curriculum. To be able to join together the knowledge of each of our students and enable them through this combined knowledge to create their own history respecting each period of construction. And I hope in my classes with the students of Efa Valente to apply the knowledge I have learned.

Moises Araujo Cunha- EFA Valente- Bahia


Doing the course on Digital Stories was of great importance for me. It meant a lot, because we learned to use video as a tool for presenting our living experiences and our reality, in a narrative manner. We learned to use the sound recorder as well as how to control our breathing and the way to tell a story.

I would like express thanks for the opportunity to learn during the course, and to highlight the richness that these encounters provide us with, where the greatest learning is in the lived experience, in the conversations and in the variety of realities encountered, where we able to get to know the different realities of our Brazil.

Deise Luana Grasel- AGEFA- Santa Cruz do Sul - RS


With regard to the course, it was a very good experience. In the beginning I had a little difficulty, but I dedicated myself and with the help of other colleagues I was able to develop the making of my video. I have good memories of the people and the knowledge obtained. I am grateful for having got the opportunity and hope for the best in the coming works.

It was a very important and happy week.

Deusilene Nunes, Piaui


The course has a methodology that enables interaction between the participants and the facilitator. Even before learning how to build up Digital Stories, it is possible to reflect on the role of the new technologies that can be used in the activities which in turn can be enriched with this tool. In addition, it is not something closed. The course is conducted in accordance with the participation of the people in it, because there is flexibility. This, however, does not change the structure of building Digital Stories, but envisions the possibility of modelling according to the realities in which they are built and will be used.

The simplicity of the methodology is the way in which multiplication involves and stimulates creativity and individual production, as well as group work and the exchange of experiences.

Joice Santana, Salvador, Brazil


The Digital Stories Course has an easy and applicable methodology for the different types of students. In addition, it makes it possible to work with several areas of knowledge, from writing, reading, photography, informatics, making the course very rich and useful.

Something that deserves to be highlighted regarding the methodology of the course is the constant stimulation to the participants' creative capacity to deal with topics of community, social and environmental relevance and the possibility of providing visibility and allowing the contents to be shared and even used in different parts of the planet, which despite geographical distance often experience similar realities.

In the personal context, the course was inspiring. Through it I could see possibilities of communication being made in a more participatory and democratic way. In addition, it was an important source of knowledge, both in the video content production process as well as in the technical part, which involves audio and video capture and editing programs.

Ana Naara,  Fundação APAEB, Valente


My assessment was very positive. The methodology used allows anyone to produce digital stories; indeed very inspiring stories. Besides stimulating the creative process of all the participants it gives us a better view of the world.

The course provides social and digital inclusion. It gives voice to many people, from various parts of the world, to show their accomplishments, something that the conventional media does not do. Always with very important themes: environmental, social and current.

The course also gives impetus to our skills in writing, photography, technology, etc. We also have the opportunity to meet people from different regions, and from different parts of the world through the stories.

Fabiano Vidal, Irecé, Bahia

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