Social struggles in the Semi-Arid region of Brazil.

Social struggles in the Semi-Arid region of Brazil.
A history of people who share with everyone a healthy life, solidarity and a love for rural work, dedicated to respect and coexistence with nature.
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Luna Layse Almeida
Friday, November 11, 2016

First steps as an intern ..

Being a communicator in a family agriculture assistance co-operative is to see, hear and feel the changes taking place in rural life in the semiarid region. Many of the transformations were only possible because people struggled for and attained them. People like the family of Júlia and Valdemar from the Pau Ferro Community, in Jacobina/BA, where I got to know them.

The couple and their siblings told me of the difficulties they had in accessing water, transport and healthcare. But, since the year 2000, things have changed. On Julia and Valdemar’s plot of land, they have technologies such as cisterns and they have access to credit for production.

They are proud to be living in the country side.

They also take part in the Rural Assistance Programme which facilitates families in accessing public policies. This is a work that has significant mediation of men and women farming technicians, whose responsibilities even extend to orientating the couple regarding agroecological techniques that will be able to improve their crops. This history of challenges and conquests was recounted in the Informativo Candeeiro so that other families could get to know about and valorise the experiences of Julia and Valdemar. They are proud to be living in the country side.


Another couple who also are dedicated to living off the land live in Mirangaba/BA. Paulo and Creusa tell me of their joy in having fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants in their garden. Everything is grown in an agroecological way; reutilising material they find on the land to nourish the soil. They stopped using toxins on the crops after learning about works and projects from their joint endeavours with men and women farmers who seek their rights. With the production of agroecological foodstuffs, Paulo and Creusa noticed how their health had improved and they also started to sell quality products. The couple belongs to the group of agroecological fair families that are concerned about what their customers eat. They share their healthy and solidarity life with everyone, as well as their love for rural work, dedicated to respecting and co- existing with Nature.





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