Sex Workers and Social Discrimination.

Sex Workers and Social Discrimination.
Weak access to public services by female sex workers in the town of Maputo
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Antonio Timbana
Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Morena, who lives in the town of Maputo in the neighbourhood of Maxaquene was seen in the company of other “loose-living” women, by a neighbour.

The following day when she woke up, her house was full of neighbours ordering her to leave because she was doing “dirty” work that could “contaminate” other girls in the area and “rob them of their husbands” Morena felt humiliated and violated by the insults of the neighbours. She went to ask for help from her friend Ana who advised her to leave the neighbourhood.

Morena thought about all she had gained in her life, fruit of her work, without robbing anyone; simply using her body. Morena asked herself, “If it is my body why do neighbours have to control what I do with it?

Morena asked the police to mediate the problem that frustrated her on account of the behaviour of the neighbours. The police advised Morena to go to the houses of the neighbours and deliver  “summons".

The neighbours were fearful on receiving the police summons, and made statements accusing Morena of “loose living”. The police asked them if she has once behaved badly, if she had had problems in the neighbourhood; not a single neighbour was able to prove Morena was guilty.   

Human rights are for every human being, irrespective of race, colour, professional occupation, and must be respected.





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