School Dropout

School Dropout
Attending secondary school in many rural areas is not easy for students. The scarcity of these schools means that the majority of students have to spend hours daily commuting long distances. The result of all this is young people dropping out of school.
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Silvana Alves
Friday, March 3, 2017

In my community there is a big problem that is affecting a lot of young people; especially young men between the ages of 18 and 25. 

Such was the case of Carlos, a farmer’s son, who until 9th grade attended a rural alternation school. But when he started higher secondary school, he had to move to the city.
It was then that Carlos began to face series of problems that prompted by his desire to contribute to his family’s income.Before that,  when he was studying at the alternation school he would spend fifteen days at school and then fifteen days at home, when he would help his father, during this time, to look after the farm.
But he wasn’t able to reconcile his yearning to aid his family since he had to spend a lot of time in traveling from his home to the state school. He also have to respond to his school activities.

Another problem is related to school transportation; because the bus does not pick up students every day and this problem gets worse in the winter.
Access to his community is difficult and often the bus gets stuck in the muddy road and the students have to push it out of the muck in order to get to school.
Carlos missed a lot of classes and could not keep up with much of the content.He decided to drop out from in school and move to Minas Gerais to work and help in the family income. He saw his parents turning more and more fragile as they worked to give sustenance to him and his siblings.
After three years Carlos returned to his community, but did not go back to school.

This is one example among many of the need for public policies aimed at agricultural workers providing them with opportunities for remaining in their place of origin.


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