Save our waterbodies

Save our waterbodies
There have been illegal activities in my country that bother me a lot. If we do not unite to end this threat in our society, in a few years Ghana will have to import water and future generations will suffer from our neglect.
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Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Hello , I am Emmanuella a student of the VUB in Belgium, but I am originally from Ghana. There have been some illegal activities in my country which bothers me a lot and I’d like to discuss this topic with you.

Ghana, is a blessed country with all kinds of natural resources including gold. In consequence, the country tends to draw people from different countries who partake in the mining of these minerals because it is easier to mine in Ghana compared to other African countries. In addition, Ghana can boast of numerous rivers  such as the Volta River, and River Pra. These rivers  perform the most basic need for most Ghanaians. Also, people generate income from some of these water resources through fishing.

 Howerver, in recent times our water bodies have been heavily polluted due to some small-scale mining industries that mine illegally without the right permits. Although the government has tried intervening, it has all been in vain due to the selfishness of some individuals. People who are active in these activities do so out of poverty and unavialbility of jobs.

As a result, people are finding it difficult to get water for their basic needs especially those living in rural areas. Even those living in the cities are suffering from water scarcity. Sometimes children and women walk more than 40 minutes just to get access to water.

I’m pleading with all Ghanaians help combat  these activities. We should rather find alternative measures in mining that wouldn’t destroy our environment. If we don’t come together to end this menace, in a few years to come, Ghana will have to import water and later generations will suffer because of our negligence.





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