Rural exodus: a current dragging dreams away

Rural exodus: a current dragging dreams away
Raimunda, from the semi-arid region, Sertão Nordestino, fights against migration by creating a Theater Group. After national recognition, it faces the departure of its members in search of study and work. She becomes a teacher and coordinates the Group to value rural identity, stop the exodus and promote local development.
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Eduarda Lopez e Ghyslaine Araujo
Monday, May 13, 2024

In a Rural Settlement in the Northeastern Sertão lives Raimunda, a young dreamer.
Raised between arid lands and dreams of a better life, Raimunda witnessed from an early age the departure of many of her friends and family in search of a better life in distant cities.

Determined not to give in to the fate imposed by mass migration, Raimunda decided to resist.
Together with other young people from the community, they created a Theater Group focusing on their stories and the richness of their land, using art and culture as an ally in helping young people stay in the community.
In a short time, the Group gained regional, state and even national recognition.

The presentations captivated audiences wherever they went, carrying messages of hope and pride in country culture, however, as the members became older, some began to evade once again in search of studies, others in search of work and thus migrated to the big city leaving shows missing, the community and families missing.
Raimunda herself found herself faced with the dilemma of staying or going, that is the question. Raimunda went to study in another city, but always remained hopeful that she would return to her place and do her best for the Group and her community.

Today Raimunda is a Teacher and coordinator of her Group where she continues to work with her students and members, focusing on valuing their identity as a rural youth and professionalizing the participants, thus facilitating their stay on the land, with culture being a way of generating income. And also training, quickly slowing down the rural exodus and contributing to local development.


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