The progress of civil status in Toucountouna

The progress of civil status in Toucountouna
Over the past few years, Charlie has been coordinating the activities of the Vital Statistics project. The challenge is digitalization, modernization of the service and a birth certificate for each citizen.
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Thursday, January 2, 2020

I am Charlie TISSEGUEH, resident of Toucountouna in Benin. For several years I have been coordinating the activities of the civil status project. Our challenge is the digitalization, the modernization of the service and a birth certificate for every child.

The state of play revealed some shortcomings: such as the archiving of documents before 2016, which was precarious and disorganized. The statistics were raw and useless and most students had no birth certificates. And producers had also difficult access to agricultural credits.

For this reason, the commune has invested in Radiance software for the digitalization and archiving of all birth certificates from 1951 until today. We have equipped all the district offices with computer equipment.

In addition, all our agents have been trained to use computer tools. The community relays have been trained on the declaration of births at home.

Then, our services were enhanced through awareness posters during village tours, the Ambulant Digital Cinema, the organization of annual birth certificate day and spots.

Concerning education, girls in fifth grade cried because they didn't have birth certificates to attend exams. We also need it for the national identity card, passport and the right to vote.

The establishment of the acts facilitated access to agricultural credit because Toucountouna is essentially made up of farmers. It is worth noting that our partner has established certificates for schoolchildren and students. The Beninese government facilitated our initiative through the Administrative Census with Population Identification Vocation.

This succession of activities has encouraged the existence of usable statistics, easy access to agricultural credits, deliveries in maternity wards and a birth certificate for each child.


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