The production of juice made from guinea sorrel

The production of juice made from guinea sorrel
The production of juice made from guinea sorrel
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Michael Issa
Friday, March 12, 2021

My name is TABADAI JEAN and I am a student at the rural training institute of Maroua.
The activity I will be  presenting to you is the production of juice made from guinea sorrel. For the latter, several materials and ingredients must be provided in advance. Among the materials, we note the basin, the ladle, the pot, and the the sieve the mortar that helps us to crush the cloves and the ginger into powder.

Concerning the main ingredients, we have guinea sorrel, water, sugar, ginger, cloves and aroma. After gathering the necessary ingredients, it will be important for us to first boil the guinea sorrel in order to extract the juice by using the sieve.

Then the cooling process begins. The liquid is so acidic that it is not directly consumable, so the sugar and flavouring are added while stirring so that the sugar dissolves completely.

In the end, it is consumption that completes the stages of this production. However, I am going to tell my fellow students that entrepreneurship in life defines us and makes us autonomous. In this framework, I launch this call for all of us to promote the spirit of entrepreneurship which will have positive consequences.


Translation into English: Ahmed Fadhil Dawood 


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