Palm Oil, a cancer for tropical woods

Palm Oil, a cancer for tropical woods
Palm oil is a source of enrichment for transnational companies that come from developed countries. But what happens in the developing countries where the palm plantations are located?
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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Palm Oil is the source of enrichment of many multinational companies. Companies that are being steered from the developing world.

But what is happening in the countries that are still developing where they plant Oil Palm plantations?

Countries are seen as large farms to produce their natural resources and people are seen as cheap labor, exploited randomly.
The really serious problem is the damage to the environment that affects both the poor and the rich.
But especially the poor are affected. Just they have the least impact on Mother Earth with their daily activities.

The loss of biodiversity through the destruction of living areas of thousands of species of plants and animals Those are the first steps of our self-destruction.

The pollution is also caused by the emissions of toxic gases produced by the palm oil processing plants. Among others,  the sulfur gases, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide substances that also contribute to global  Climate Change.
The water is absorbed by the plantations, considering that oil palm requires a lot of the precious fluid to grow. At the same time, the water sources for human use are affected by the chemicals used in the plantations. Also the soils are impoverished by the large amounts of nutrients absorbed by the Oil Palm.

The lack of protection against water and wind causes erosion, something that the natural forest provides for. And so, the soil can no longer be used for normal food production.

Supporting farmers' organizations, enhancing cultural identity and self-reliance through trainings in agroecology provide a basis for preventing Mother Earth from being sold out to predators of natural resources Let us be aware of our actions: such as reducing the consumption of palm oil derivatives and support local farmers so that they can fully develop.

The land can satisfy everyone's needs. But there is not enough for the greed of some.





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