No to the destruction of the Gulf of Fonseco, Honduras

No to the destruction of the Gulf of Fonseco, Honduras
The intention is to raise awareness among the people of the Gulf of Fonseca and the entire world about the need to preserve protected areas from pollution and the logging of mangroves, putting common interests before private interests.
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Franciso Diaz
Monday, July 4, 2016

Welcome to Honduras located in the center of America.
I am Francisco Diaz, a Honduran concerned about the environment of my country.
The natural surroundings have an influence on the environment that affect and condition especially the life of the people, the flora and fauna.
Sadly, I notice how people destroy the protected areas of the Gulf of Fonseca in the South of Honduras as a result of poverty, greed and the extension of the major ports of the shrimp fishers.
Between 1983 and 1985 I served in the military in this area and the estuary was a place of peace and beauty.
But recently I returned to this area and with great sadness I have seen the large extensions of mangrove that have disappeared, through deforestation that is ending with biodiversity habitat leading to the disappearance of sources of livelihood for man himself, especially the most disadvantaged.
Currently, the residents of the communities of La cuchilla and El Carmen are fighting to be allowed to continue fishing in the Berbería winter lagoon as part of their family's subsistence. However, there are other concerns that threaten their right to fish in the lagoon.
Contaminating the gulf by cutting down the mangrove forest, a consequence of the lack of awareness of the damage we cause, and the irresponsible concessions given in protected areas.
Man has forgotten his mission, in THE BIBLE it says, "GOD took man and put him in the middle of the garden of Eden to cultivate it and take care of it", and not to destroy it.


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