My contributions to the development (original text in Kinyrwanda)

My contributions to the development (original text in Kinyrwanda)
I have been selected as a model for applying the techniques popularized by APROJUMP.
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Maria Claudine et Cyprien
Tuesday, May 1, 2018

My name is Claudine AHISHAKIYE. I am from the district of Huye, in SIMBI (Rwanda). I am married and I have 4 children.

I was very poor and I survived by doing manual labor. I had family land plots, but they were not being exploited. As soon as I joined the project, I received several trainings on goat and rabbit breeding, and agriculture. These trainings provided me with an excellent good orientation.

I keep the animals at home and every evening I go and cut the fodder in my field. I grow corn, beans and other kinds of vegetables, such as cabbages, eggplants, carrots, beets, and fruits as well.

Everything is used to feed my family, what is left is sold in the market to cover the expenses of the field workers. The production has increased and I am very satisfied. I used to harvest 10 kg of beans, but now I harvest 100 kg of beans.

I have been selected as a model for applying the techniques popularized by APROJUMP.

Despite this success, there are still some limitations, such as the risk of theft of the animals at night. Therefore, a family member guards the animals. I work alone because my husband has mental problems.

I receive several visitors to my farms, who make me happy through mutual exchanges.

This year I had a visit from a group of young Belgians. I learned that in Belgium they do not keep animals in the house, but rather on a farm. I learned that young people in Belgium do very little farming.

Next to the house, we have the goat house, the rabbit house and the kitchen. The goats prefer to stay in the warmth.

Thanks to my progress, I am part of the organization's decision-making bodies. I thank APROJUMAP for its support and visits.

I have evolved economically, my family is now well fed, my children go to school and I have bought a field to plant trees.


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