Loss of Land and Culture

Loss of Land and Culture
The department of Peten is the largest region in Guatemala, it mostly exists of forest. This means that our lands are containing a lot of wild flora and fauna. In recent years, this has changed, since nearly a hundred thousand hectares of forest were destroyed.
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Nery Dubon
Saturday, October 18, 2014

Loss of land and culture

Hello, my name is Neri Dubón, I am a teacher at the educational center NUFED in the town of Dolores, Peten.

The department of Peten has suffered excessive logging  for planting Palm Oil, uncontrolled livestock and oil exploitation. You move or I make you disappear is a sentence used by different people who are interested in the lands of others. Our flora and fauna has been reduced.

It is estimated that each year 1000 hectares of forest are lost across the country. 

Today the rains are sparse, the heat increases.
The loss of trees is reducing the water tables.  Which causes more needs to the people who are living in rural and urban areas of the surrounding municipalities. It is estimated that each year 1000 hectares of forest are lost across the country. The largest loss of vegetation occurs in our department.

Such a loss is caused by forest fires, logging invasions for trees and protected areas, by people selling their properties. Causing the loss of animal and plant species, resulting in the migration of animal species, which in many cases they are endangered. As the macaw, blue-headed parrot, tapir or tapir, species of trees, such as cedar, mahogany, Rosul Pole Chico Zapote and other etc.

Today I ask your help to save our department, our planet, join this campaign reforestation, in which our goal is planting a million trees endemic in the region, help me to make the change. You are an agent of change. For a green planet


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