The importance of Mangroves in the Angoche District, Mozambique.

The importance of Mangroves in the Angoche District, Mozambique.
A film about the impact and importance of mangroves which is a present problem in the district of Angoche, Moçambique.
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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Impact of the Destruction of Mangroves and the need for re-plantation n the Angoche District .

I am a teacher in the Professional Rural Family School in Mecubúri, situated in the north of the Nampula Province; and have been since 2014. I wish to speak of the impact of the destruction of mangroves, which is a stark reality, in the District of Angoche.

This situation has been going on from the year 2000 up to now. The reason being, the pursuit of survival which is very acute; seeing that there is a lack of jobs for the majority of the people who are living there. The search for timber to build a house, to get money, and firewood to prepare their meals is one of the reasons that contributes to this destruction. All of this leads to weak reproduction on the part of marine species (fish, shrimp, crabs,etc.) There is a lack of nutrition for many marine species. The occurrence of strong winds; floods that influence maritime traffic problems.

This situation will only diminish if the people of this district can stop the practice of destroying the mangroves. Replace plants, that is, when a plant is removed another should be planted in its place and left to grow for at least five years. Having described the destruction of mangroves, I wonder if there are other ways to be avoided. Letting this practice occur; what other phenomena can happen?


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